Payment methods

Payment methods include YenePay, Wallet and Direct bank transfer.

YenePay is a safer, easier way to send and receive money online. When you select YenePay as the payment method, you will be linked to the YenePay site where you can make payment.

YenePay can be used to purchase items by using your mobile wallet account from one of their partner service providers.

  1. After viewing your items on your shopping cart page, you can click and check out with YenePay. Then you will leave our site and enter YenePay’s website.
  2. You can sign in to your YenePay account, or you can create a new one if you haven’t got one.
  3. You can use the YenePay as you want according to the on-screen instructions.

The reasons why we suggest you use YenePay:

  • Payment is traceable. By using your YenePay account, you can trace the status of your payment.
  • When you make payment for your order, you don’t need to go outside and use mobile wallet agents you can directly use your preferred account from their partners.

Direct bank transfer is also safer way to make your payments but it takes a little time to make and clear the payment. You need to go to those financial centers or banks in person to deposit the required amount of money for the product you choose by using our bank details that are going to attached and will send to you by your email account. Then after we will clear the payment within 24 hours and proceed the process.

Wallet is also the other safer and easier way to make your payments online. First you need to deposit some amount of money to your wallet using one of the above payment methods(YenePay and Direct bank transfer), so when you landed on the checkout page it will give you the option to pay with your wallet which is going to deduct the payment from you wallet balance.